Watch the hat fly off his little head

There's been a steady stream of GoldenEye trailers coming our way as we close in on its Nov. 2 launch in North America, and Activision has released another in the form of a maps vignette. So let's take a quick look at their names as a few will undoubtedly sound very familiar indeed.

The video is short but sweet as glimpses of Archives, Facility, Nightclub, Jungle, Docks, Outpost, Industrial, Sewer, Memorial, and Station are shown. Shots of the split-screen multiplayer are sure to get old and new fans hyped for the offline and online mayhem.

GoldenEye Maps Vignette:

In case you missed it, here's the previous vignette that was released that showcases the various modes and modifiers within the multiplayer. Game mods can be combined, and with all the possible combinations over 200 variants can be created.

GoldenEye Modes and Mods Vignette: