We're used to seeing ports from mobile phones to DSiWare – take a bow, Gameloft – but when the subject matter in question is an acclaimed puzzler our curiosity is aroused. Connect2Media is about to make its break into the DSiWare arena with its upcoming title Go! Go! Rescue Squad! later this month.

Taking the role of Robbie the firefighter your job is to protect the hapless "Darwins" from a number of disasters, including rampaging fire. How do you save them? By chucking them around, of course, attempting to fling them in one of the fire exits to secure their escape.

We'll have a full review shortly after it hits DSiWare, but in the meantime check out the screenshots below.

Connect2Media are entering the Nintendo DSi market with Go! Go! Island Rescue, which will be downloadable from the Nintendo DSiWare Shop later this month.

The release will be Connect2Media’s first on Nintendo’s DSi Shop and sees the Go! Go! Rescue franchise appearing on a new platform after successful outings on mobile, iPhone/iPod touch and PC. The first game in the series, Go! Go! Rescue Squad! Garnered much international acclaim including a Gold Award from PocketGamer and, the sequel, Go! Go! Island Rescue was also a critical and commercial success on mobile. The new Go! Go! Island Rescue has been designed, from the ground up, for the Nintendo DSi’s two screens and Connect2Media are confident that it will build on the success of the series.

Go! Go! Island Rescue sees Robbie the firefighter and his brave Rescue Squad sunning themselves on a beautiful holiday island. But then, the Darwins arrive and disaster strikes and Robbie and the Squad are called upon once again to save the day! With over 50 levels, a cast of exciting characters and a volcano to deal with Go! Go! Island Rescue on the Nintendo DSi looks set to become a welcome addition to the Nintendo DSiWare Shop.

The mobile phone version of the game attracted many positive reviews; with PocketGamer giving the game 9/10 which equals a gold award. They also lauded it as “One of the most addictive puzzle games you’ll find for your phone”. Mobile Game FAQ’s also gave the game a Silver Award while JmobilJ gave the iPhone game 9.4/10. US site Oddworld stated that the iPhone version was one of the games that any iPhone users must own.

And it isn’t just the pros that liked the mobile version of the game. Forums around the world where full of praise for the iPhone and mobile versions of the game. TouchArcade’s Albie called the game “a must have for those who love challenging puzzles” and gave it a maximum score.

“Moving successful mobile games such as Go! Go! Island Rescue onto the Nintendo DS is a natural progression of Connect2Media as a whole,” said Marketing Manager, Stephen Hey. “The gameplay is made for devices such as the Nintendo DS and we felt it was time for Connect2Media to branch off into new areas such as this new relationship with Nintendo.” – IS THIS Rescue Squad OR Island Rescue?

Go! Go! Island Rescue will be available on the Nintendo DSiWare Shop worldwide later this month.