Not pictured: Pat's sense of remorse

Mario, Zelda, Pokémon: these are all good themes for charity marathons, and have raised countless thousands of dollars for a range of charities. Playing every game in a particular series back-to-back is a big accomplishment, but how would you feel about playing every game available for a single console? If that console's the NES and you're Pat the NES Punk, you'd probably want to do that.

Starting on Saturday, October 16th, the 8-bit loving punk will be playing every NES game back-to-back, taking in over 750 titles in order to raise money for the Child's Play charity. It's all in celebration of the NES's 25th anniversary, a gaming milestone we at Nintendo Life will be celebrating in our own special fashion.

The charity marathon kicks off on Saturday, October 16th at 3pm EST, 12pm PST, and can be seen streamed live on a range of websites including Screw Attack.

Have fun with Donkey Kong Jr. Math, Pat.