Next year, Skyward Sword is up for grabs.

Nintendo charity marathons are all the rage these days: Mother/Earthbound and Mario have both had successful marathons, with Zelda set to join the titles from December 27th.

The team at Zeldathon got in touch to spread the word about its upcoming money-raising efforts. The press release below contains all the information you need.

Pennsylvania Teens to use Video Games to Raise Money for Diabetes Research

MEADVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA - September 20, 2010 - Beginning Monday, December 27, a group of teens from Meadville, Pennsylvania is looking to raise thousands of dollars for diabetes research by broadcasting a marathon session of The Legend of Zelda video games streamed live over the internet.

This is the third time the group has utilized this method of fundraising, which drew over 70,000 viewers during their last effort this past June. December’s event will feature the “Zeldathon” team as they venture to play as many games from the popular Nintendo series over a five day period, with as few interruptions as possible. Any person or group that helps promote this event is also urged to donate to the American Diabetes Association via the web site, commencing mid-December.

The Zeldathon Team's successful summer marathon lasted seventy-two hours, attracted more than 72,000 viewers, and raised over $3,300 for the American Cancer Society. This winter's “Zeldathon” aims to transcend prior achievements by implementing a higher quality broadcast and a longer marathon run time. The viewing audience will have a chance to win prizes by donating money, publicizing the event on social media websites, submitting fan art or telling stories about how diabetes has impacted their lives. "Both my father and grandfather passed away due to complications of diabetes," stated Matthew Moffit, Marathon Director. "It is my hope that through this event, we can not only have lots of fun with our audience, but raise a great deal of money to help fund diabetes research as well."
The American Diabetes Association ( is an organization that helps improve the lives of those living with diabetes and their families by providing guidance, medication, and information in addition to funding research in search of a cure. The organization's "Step Out" program is being implemented in this event to track donations.
"I have a lot of great people working with me on this event," Moffit acknowledged, "I know with the support of the public, we can help change the world one marathon at a time."

The Zeldathon Team is a non-profit coalition dedicated to thinking about others and helping to raise awareness and improve the world, one worthy cause at a time. Full details and up-to-date information about their events is available on the web at