Shoot first, ask questions later!

The nice folks at Gaijin Games have just announced that their fifth entry in the popular BIT.TRIP series BIT.TRIP FATE will be hitting the North American WiiWare service on October 25th and will only set you back a paltry 800 Wii Points.

"BIT.TRIP FATE is like the Empire Strikes Back of the BIT.TRIP series." said Alex Neuse, CEO of Gaijin Games (me) "It's a much darker episode in our hero's life, and is full of depressing themes, dreary hidden messages, sad music, and an overall gloomy theme. YOU'LL LOVE IT!"

We'll keep you posted on any new information regarding the upcoming title and we'll have a full review shortly after its release. If you just can't wait, you can always check out our first impressions of the game to tide you over until the review.