The Wii Remote Plus might be arriving, but these will still be in use

It might well be the games that define a console, but where would we be without the controllers themselves? With the Wii Remote Plus and its built-in MotionPlus capabilities becoming the standard from 7th November, Nintendo has sent us a reminder of how well its predecessor has sold and we in turn want to let you know.

Since its launch in the United States in 2006, Nintendo has sold an average of 46,000 Wii Remotes every day in that region alone. That's a total of 65.3 million, and the press release is keen to point out that:

That’s enough for every man, woman and child living in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose, Detroit and San Francisco, and enough still remains for every resident of Florida, Ohio, Virginia and North Dakota.

65.3 million Wii Remotes is a fair amount, considering that back in August, Nintendo's internal figures showed that 30 million Wii consoles have been snapped up by consumers. This means that the average Wii owner is also in possession of two Wii Remotes. The following figures are market research group NDP's sales figures through the end of September:

  • 30.41 million included with the Wii hardware
  • 12.92 million sold with Wii Play
  • 18.56 million white versions sold separately
  • 2.44 million black versions sold separately
  • 467,500 pink versions sold separately
  • 465,200 blue versions sold separately

Additionally, 52.9 million Wii Nunchuk controllers have been sold in the United States through the end of September.