Keep those fingers crossed for now

It's a source of constant frustration to Virtual Console fans that Super Mario All-Stars isn't available on the download platform: the inability to enjoy some of Mario's greatest adventures with improved Super NES graphics and sound has annoyed many, but fear not, for an end to the frustration may be in sight.

Nintendo of Japan held a retailer briefing recently, giving release dates for upcoming titles such as Golden Sun: Dark Dawn and Kirby's Epic Yarn, but the most tantalising tidbit of information was the revelation of Super Mario Collection Special Pack for Wii, a revival of the Super Famicom's Super Mario Collection which was of course known as Super Mario All-Stars abroad.

Accompanying the game – details of which are currently thin on the ground – will be a booklet detailing Mario's 25 years of gaming history, as well as a soundtrack CD featuring samples from the original Super Mario Bros. right up to Super Mario Galaxy 2.

According to sources, Super Mario Collection Special Pack is set for release on October 21st priced at ¥2,500 – roughly $30 or £20. We'll have more information as it reaches us.