I Wanna Rock!

It seems Vicarious Visions and Activision are trying to add a much-needed key-change to the Guitar Hero melody, and as if a new story mode isn't enough, the creators are expanding the connectivity between Wii and DS players with a selection of play modes and multiplayer functions.

The Roadie Battle mode from Guitar Hero 5 makes a beefier return for DS players in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. Now bumping support from four players up to eight (four each on Wii and DS), roadies on their DS supply the Wii players with power-ups and can even adjust setlists on the fly. As well as supporting their Wii counterparts, roadies can also sabotage their opponents by introducing things like exploding notes to their fret boards and other expanded attacks.

It works the other way round too as the more notes Wii players hit, the more power they supply to the DS players so they can launch their attacks on their opponents. Check out the latest video below to find out more on these new modes.

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock launches in Europe on 24th September.