There was a time when this was the best suit Mario could put on. And that time is now.

October 18th marks the 25th birthday of the NES's North American debut, then only to a select number of cities, and we're celebrating by bringing you a veritable coin box of features and treats. And we want to make you, our beloved readership, a part of the celebration.

We'll be running a feature that puts the spotlight on your cherished 8-bit memories. Was there an extra special Christmas, a devastating run-in between a little brother and a Legend of Zelda save file, or a baffling encounter with R.O.B. the Robot? Did you fend off Home Alone-esque bandits with your Zapper tactics or wear the Power Glove for so long that it melded with your flesh? We want to hear about it!

Just go to our Contact page and submit your favourite NES memory. The best stories will win the extra special prize of looking really cool as well as the immortalisation of your memory on the virtual pages of the world wide web.