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The original myNotebook is still a popular download for DSi, but those who thirst for a little more from their digital paper may want to check out the enhanced versions on their way to DSiWare, with the first making its way to North America on Monday for 500 Points.

Boasting 128 pages, the ability to export to an SD card and new icons to indicate battery life and the time, myNotebook Carbon will be the first of the titles to launch, followed by Pearl and Tan in the coming weeks. A European and Australian launch for Carbon is expected within August.

Our man Brad Long recently went to nnooo HQ to get his hands on the company's upcoming myNotebook revamps, so check out his First Impressions of myNotebook Pearl, Carbon and Tan ahead of our review next week, which will let you know if this is worth the virtual paper it's printed on.

myNotebook: Carbon™, the latest release in the highly popular myNotebook™ series, will launch in the Americas on Monday August 16. This version allows the user to save 128 pages, export their notes to their Nintendo DSi Photo Album and unlock brand new page types. It also features new icons to indicate the time and current battery level.

“We are excited to be able to respond to user feedback” said Nnooo’s Creative Director, Nic Watt. “People love using their notebooks so much, they quickly run out of pages. A lot of the feedback we had was to not only increase the page count but also allow users to be able to export their pages. We decided that the best way to do this was to release new versions with more pages and these additional features.”

myNotebook: Carbon is expected to be launched in Europe, Australia and New Zealand later this month. An additional two new colours, myNotebook: Pearl™ and myNotebook: Tan™, are expected to be released during August and September, with the same new features as myNotebook: Carbon. These new versions are in addition to the original three myNotebook colours – blue, green and red – launched at the end of last year.

“Soon we will have a suite of six myNotebook colours to choose from”, said Watt, “giving users plenty of choice and a chance to build a myNotebook™ library!”

The myNotebook range is part of Nnooo’s myLifeCollected™ series, which also includes myPostcards™ and the soon to be released myDiary™. myDiary will allow users to organise their lives by keeping track of appointments, making daily journal entries and even setting daily alarms.

myNotebook: Carbon will cost 500 points and be available from Monday August 16 in the Americas.