Maybe 1.5 will be in silver

Despite Satoru Iwata's recent declaration that the eventual Wii successor will be a surprise, another industry analyst has predicted we'll see a stopgap between now and the launch of the main event.

Piers Harding-Rolls, analyst at Screen Digest, believes Nintendo will release an upgraded version of the Wii before launching its official follow-up, though doesn't say what extra features either the upgrade or eventual successor will include. Pegging the Wii's successor for a 2012 launch in Japan and a 2013 release worldwide, the analyst says we could see an improved Wii between now and 2012.

With Nintendo stating time and again it won't be releasing a HD upgrade for the Wii, it remains to be seen what new features a potential stopgap could have: built-in MotionPlus, a hard drive, improved online functions? If Mr Harding-Rolls is to be believed, we could find out next year.