We've got high hopes

Takashi Iizuka is a man of great experience in the games industry, having worked on Sonic titles since 1994's 16-bit send-off Sonic & Knuckles. Now head of Sonic Team, he's the man charged with glugging the poisoned chalice of reviving the blue hedgehog to his former glory, with Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 and Sonic Colours for Wii and DS both on the way before 2010's out. Can we expect Sonic Colours in particular to deliver? Yes, says Mr Iizuka. Yes we can.

Speaking to videogamer.com, Mr Iizuka said the title will not disappoint fans as previous outings have:

For this title in particular, the team is confident that this is a game everybody can really enjoy. It's something that the team is really confident from the gameplay side. It's something that, this time, the team thinks they've nailed it – it's definitely not going through the Sonic cycle!

The fact that the head of Sonic Team is aware of the Sonic Cycle suggests he takes it quite seriously, or that he's visited at least one video game website in the past ten years. You decide.

Sonic Colours for Wii and DS will be released later this year.

[source videogamer.com]