"It would be cool to die if that fashion is ‘in’ for the undead." --Takumi

Recently, PlanetDS.de published an interview with Shu Takumi, a creative director at Capcom who's working on Ghost Trick and whose past projects include the first four Phoenix Wright titles. In it, he discusses his excitement with Phantom Detective:

I swear none of you have ever seen anything like it before! These characters live their complicated lives in the DS and you will intervene with the power of the dead for a possible different outcome of fate. Isn’t it exciting?

...as well as his enthusiasm for Nintendo's upcoming handheld platform:

I did try out 3DS at E3 and I was flabbergasted to the 3D technology as a long standing fan of the idea since the days of Virtual Boy. I’d love to see GTPD in 3D but… you know what you have to do for that to come true!

Yes, we do! And if the present excitement is anything to judge by, we're sure that Capcom will have no problem selling enough copies to justify future instalments. Why not fuel your own interest and read the full interview now?

Also, in a different interview, he states that the Ace Attorney games may be through! However, he says that they'll take their new ideas to the 3DS, so there's always a possibility of a continuation. He also discusses how his inspiration for the games came from novels that he read as a boy. Why not read it for yourself?

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