Metroid, but arguably even better!

DSiWare gets another massive load of new games today, but they're probably not the things you'll mostly be wanting to pay attention to - Both WiiWare and the Virtual Console only get one game each, but they're both great and more than worthy of a look-see.


Jett Rocket (1000pts - Shin'en Multimedia) — A 3D platformer with incredible graphics - If you didn't know better you'd think it was a retail game. Based mostly around the use of a jetpack and a hoverboard, it's a ton of fun and more than worth the price, as our review which will soon be up will tell you.

Virtual Console

Ufouria: The Saga (500pts - Sunsoft) — A very Metroid-esque game starring Sunsoft's original mascot, Hebereke, who was strangely renamed Bop-Louie and given a small makeover. Instead of only being reliant on new abilities you must find, you must also rescue three of your friends who have become trapped in certain places. You can freely swap between each of them once they've been found, and each has their own special abilities. It's an incredibly rare and sought-after game, so this Virtual Console release is a godsend for those who have longed to play it! We'll have a review available soon.


Maestro! Green Groove (500pts - Neko Entertainment) — Part of a previous retail release, now in downloadable form. The retail game was surprisingly great, which was probably the reason Neko Entertainment decided to release this. Of course, it's still great as a partial download, in fact, it's one of the best DSiWare games available. Read our Maestro! Green Groove review to find out why exactly.

Prehistorik Man (800pts - Interplay) — Practically a Virtual Console title, this is an "enhanced" port of the game Prehistorik Man, which has previously been released on the SNES and GBA, among other platforms. Enhanced is the completely wrong descriptor, though, because there's numerable issues like slowdown and poor hit detection that make it a better idea to just search for one of the older versions if you want to play it. Read our Prehistorik Man review to find out why else you should do this.

Extreme Hangman (200pts - Gamelion Studios) — This is basically just hangman with a few amusing animated stickmen thrown in for good measure. Fun for a while, but not really that different from the standard variant. Read our Extreme Hangman review for the lowdown.

Ball Fighter (500pts - Teyon) — Another puzzle game, this one requires you to grab balls (We know, we know) and place them elsewhere on the playing field in order to make the rest of them disappear. There's quite a few modes and the game is pretty decent, so for 500 points this isn't too bad a deal. Read our Ball Fighter review to find out more.

Puffins: Let's Fish! (500pts - Other Ocean Interactive) — A bit better than the previous Puffins title, this one has you swimming around underwater trying to catch fish. There's not much more to say, really, read our Puffins: Let's Fish! review!

Only one truly "new" game, so you can already see if any of the DSiWare releases catch your fancy. Will you be getting anything?