Capcom, Konami, Nintendo and other big-name studios are all hard at work bringing some of their big name titles to the 3DS, but that's not to say the smaller developers are going to be left behind. Bplus, of Niki - Rock 'n' Ball and Bit Boy!! fame has just announced it will be bringing Vektor Tank 3D+ to 3DS in Q2 2011.

The first screenshots show off a sparse but crisp polygonal style reminiscent of early excursions into 3D such as Virtua Racing and Star Fox. Most intriguing is the description of the new controls:

Thanks to the completely new developed 3D+ control interface, your Nintendo 3DS becomes a virtual camcorder right in your hand. With the new handheld's advanced cameras and motion sensors, the game recognises every single of your movements and maps them directly onto the camera in the game. Watch around the virtual reality and aim for enemies and targets. Your Nintendo 3DS is your window into the cyber world.

Naturally the question now arises of whether Bplus has become a fully-fledged retail developer or if this production will head to the trademarked 3DSWare service, but it's certainly encouraging to know you'll still be able to buy small, quirky games on the promising new handheld.