We're starting to run out of 3DS images now, so here's a fake mock-up

So far we've heard plenty of talk from third parties about how interesting the 3DS looks but naturally nobody's been able to say "look at our game, it's three-dimensional." The general expectation was that Nintendo would announce the 3DS and its own titles but that third-party games may take a while to surface, but according to the latest rumours we may see publishers announcing their own 3DS games at E3 in a manner of their own choosing.

With Nintendo's conference the first of the show, kicking off at 9am PST (12 midday EST, 5pm BST), we can expect the flood of the company's announcements to be accompanied by at least a trickle of third-party 3DS games announced. With a number of companies and industry folk commenting on the machine, from EA's John Riccitello to SEGA's Naoya Tsurumi and more, expect to see returning big-name franchises alongside some experimental titles too.

Six days and counting.

[source gameinformer.com]