Sega obviously really loves 3D

Renegade Kid's Jools Watsham recently spoke out saying he believed Western third-parties would get behind the 3DS after being put off by the lack of success on DS and now, from the other side of the world, Japanese giant Sega has confirmed its intentions to support 3DS fully.

Speaking to Japanese newspaper Nikkei, Sega's CCO Naoya Tsurumi pledged the company's backing for the new machine, due to be unveiled at E3 in just three weeks.

I believe 3D will become a big wave. The Nintendo 3DS is a landmark hardware. We'd like to invest heavily in it.

Undoubtedly this opens up the way for plenty of Sonic titles, but Sega will certainly be investing in new IP for the upcoming machine, hopefully paving the path for some titles as original as the DS's Project Rub series.

If Sega has any titles to show off at E3 in June, you can read all about them here at Nintendo Life as we'll be bringing you all the news from the showfloor during the conference.