There's been countless discussions on the pricing structure for Nintendo's Virtual Console service, but the company itself has confirmed to Eurogamer it's satisfied with the way things are.

We're currently pleased with the uptake of WiiWare and DSiWare in the UK (including the Virtual Console service) and believe the content on all these services continues to become more interesting and attractive to people over time. As such, we have no plans to look at changing the pricing structure for them.

It's not surprising to hear Nintendo deny an upcoming price drop, and when it's clearly satisfied with the current sales figures of downloadable games there's little impetus to start snipping consumer costs.

One possible issue leading to the slowing-down of Virtual Console sales is the decreasing number of titles released for the system in recent times. Although Wii still has a comprehensive library of titles going back well over twenty years, its initial pace of new releases hitting the store has undoubtedly dropped off, and Nintendo may need to consider shaving download prices to invigorate the service that looks to have lost a lot of the company's focus since WiiWare's emergence two years ago.