It may not be coming to a Nintendo machine, but at least the music will be decent

Castlevania producer David Cox has tweeted that the upcoming PS3/360 title Lords of Shadow is to feature classic tunes from older instalments of the series - more specifically the fourth title, which appeared on the SNES in 1991.

Here's the tweet:

Today I heard the waterfall music from Super Castlevania 4 fully orchestrated and it made me cry.

When asked if this meant that old tunes were getting dusted off for the new game, Cox said "Yep some here and there."

While Nintendo owners are obviously missing out on this next-gen reboot of the vampire-hunting series it's heart-warming to know that Konami is still keen to at least make some connection with the past; Lords of Shadow is lookging great but some fans have expressed concern that it will deviate a little too harshly from the usual Castlevania blueprint.

Just in case you need reminding how amazing Super Castlevania IV's music is, here's a sample: