How Capcom plans to get your money

Capcom's had a pretty good start to this financial year, with Monster Hunter Tri for Wii and Super Street Fighter IV
and Lost Planet 2 on the HD consoles. Hopefully you haven't had enough of the blue-and-yellow publisher yet, as they have a boatload of titles for you over the next year.

Aiming to bring half a dozen Wii titles to gamers and 16 to DS owners, the company's sales interestingly point to similar sales targets for both: 1.7m units for DS and 1.6m on Wii. Capcom's overall estimates for sales and profits are increased over the past financial year, indicating the company's hoping to buck the sales decrease of other companies.

Nintendo's recent sales reports also pointed to interesting gaps between the two formats' software figures, but it clearly hasn't deterred Capcom from releasing titles. Six Wii games before April 2011 may not seem so optimistic, but considering we've already had Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and Monster Hunter Tri this year it's unlikely anyone will complain if the next five releases are as good as those two.