Says it all, really

There aren't enough train games on DS: this is a fact. With the exception of the terrible Lionel Trains and Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, there's barely a good choo-choo title for the console. With that in mind, we're rather looking forward to BiP Media's upcoming DSiWare puzzler Advanced Circuits, pledging to reverse the vehicle's gaming misfortunes from May 24th when it calls at the North American DSiWare shop.

Rules may sound simple, but the challenge is much tougher! There is only one solution to each puzzle. Solving puzzles equals to “the faster, the better”: you get higher scores if you complete the circuits in no time! In addition, the board gets bigger as you progress in the game. That means the first 4x4 game board you will come across is not likely to lie around… and may turn into a 144-squares board in the end!

The title offers two different modes for a long-lasting game experience, as well as other useful content:

  • Challenge mode: 60 predefined game boards of increasing difficulty;
  • Free Play mode: select the game board size and practice on any number of randomly-generated puzzles;
  • 72 awards to unlock;
  • Other features such as a tutorial, hints & tips, and even the solution if you feel like giving up!

And how much will all this puzzling set you back? Just 200 of your Nintendo Points. North American fans of trains, tanks, cars and puzzles in general may want to keep an eye out for this one, with a European release date to follow shortly