Since its release with Wii Fit a few years ago, the Balance Board has had all manner of applications: boxing, balls and, of course, the Department of Homeland Security in the US. All those titles are swamped, however, by the number of fitness titles available, and now Capcom may want a sweaty slice of that action.

In a recent interview with VideoGamer, Street Fighter series producer Yoshinori Ono said in response to a question about opening up the famous fighting franchise to a wider audience:

I've been interested in motion-sensing for a while, ever since Wii was launched. But I don't think it fits the way Street Fighter is played at the moment. Now, there is a possibility of doing something called Street Fighter Fit, or Street Fighter Exercise, that is more suited for motion-sensing games, but that would obviously be a slightly different-themed game.

Just slightly different. Coming a few weeks after April Fools Day, we can only assume Ono is serious in his musings, however odd they may sound. That said, a Balance Board minigame where you have to stamp on Dan Hibiki’s gurning face would help us lose an unbelievable amount of weight. Make it so!

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