All those wires in a dinky box

Although the Wii is meant to be a great living room experience for all the family, sometimes you just want to smuggle it away to a shady corner and indulge in some private gaming time. The only downside is unplugging all the myriad cables and setting it up again though, right? Here comes Nintendo with a helpful idea: a box of exactly those cables to leave in your Wii’s second home.

The sensor bar, composite lead and power adaptor combo is set to retail for a handsome ¥4200 (around USD$45, £30 or €33), and should eradicate the great amounts of untangling often required to move a Wii from room to room or house to house. Whether or not it’ll make it outside the Land of the Rising Sun is yet to be seen, but if you desperately need another set of leads for your console, rest easy: at least you know there’s an official import option now.