Trust us, it's really good!

Nintendo really seems to love DSiWare all of a sudden, because it seems to be getting more games than both other services combined every single week now. This time there's not four or five new games available for it, but a whopping six! The Virtual Console gets a classic long overdue in Europe, while WiiWare gets a rather anticipated game and an educational title.


Zombie Panic in Wonderland (1000pts - Akaoni Studio) – A long-awaited shooting gallery game in which you take down zombies invading the land of fairytales. Sound familiar? That's because it's by some of the same developers, as our recent interview with Akaoni will reveal. Let's hope it's just as good!

Learning with the PooYoos - Episode 2 (500pts - Lexis Numerique) – The second educational title to feature the lovable PooYoos, this one is obviously also geared towards the very young kids. We thought the first game was quite decent for its intended audience, so we're assuming this one will be on about the same level. As it was released in North America last Monday, we should have a review any day now!

Virtual Console

Blaster Master (500pts NES - Sunsoft) – Released in North America last year, this is easily one of the biggest cult classics on the NES. Although looking at screenshots might make you wonder just what makes the game so special, it simply works really well! Part of the game will be spent driving around in your vehicle exploring the enormous caves, but if you find a small passage you'll have to get out and do the dirty work yourself, controlling main character Jason on foot in an overhead action-based labyrinth. Our review will tell you exactly why this is one to get as fast as you can. And expect the WiiWare sequel soon as well!


Game & Watch Helmet, Manhole and Vermin (200pts each - Nintendo) – Three more classic Game & Watch games, recreated perfectly for download onto your DSi. As with every other Game & Watch games, these are deceptively challenging little titles in which the objective is simply to get as high a score as you can without failing too many times. As luck would have it we've already reviewed Helmet, Manhole and Vermin when they hit the US earlier this week.

Faceez (200pts - Neko Entertainment) – Another photo editing tool, although this one has a bit more going for it, allowing you to stick people's faces on little stick figures (The Faceez) and then animate them, making their mouths move and such. It's obviously not going to be interesting if you don't use the DSi's camera to take pictures of people too much, but if you do, it could be somewhat popular with your friends. Read our thoughts here.

The Price is Right (800pts - Ludia Inc) – First Hell's Kitchen and now this! Based on the TV show of the same name, your main objective is to guess the prices of various objects. If you're the closest of all contestants, you get to play various other games to win a bunch of prizes. Let's hope it's better than Ludia's last effort!

AlphaBounce (500pts - Mad Monkey Studio) – The developer lives up to their name, because this game's concept is truly mad. On the surface it looks just like another "bounce the ball to break the blocks" game, like Arkanoid, but this one also incorporates RPG elements, allowing you to gather equipment, level up, and all sorts of other stuff. The developer also claims there's several million levels! We'll give our thoughts soon.

That's all this time! Will you be blasting through caves, slicing up zombies or sticking with Nintendo's good old LCD games?