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  • 12th Apr 2010 (USA), 500 points
  • 9th Apr 2010 (UK/EU), 500 points

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    Quite possibly the best Arkanoid clone ever

    AlphaBounce started out life as a free to play online game. Borrowing heavily from Arkanoid and other "move the paddle to bounce the ball and break the blocks" games, it added a few rather unique twists, rather than being almost a direct copy like most of them are. The game focuses on one of...

About The Game

AlphaBounce combines the classical brick-breaking arcade concept with RPG features, offering you the chance to explore an endless universe with millions of levels!

You have been taken prisoner by an evil intergalactic mining corporation which exploits the galaxy's mineral resources. Take your only chance to escape and blast your way through the bricks back to Earth! Amass a huge collection of equipment, and use it to modify the rules of the game.

AlphaBounce is a game which is exclusively available for download from the Nintendo DSi Shop and has been created and developed by Mad Monkey Studio and Motion Twin.

  • Several MILLION levels!
  • Dozens of different types of bonuses, planets and envelopes.
  • A hundred upgrades available for the envelopes.
  • Over 40 different bricks with a lot of different effects.
  • Multiple strategies in the choice of equipment.
  • Exclusive to Nintendo DSiWare service.