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1 (Single Player)
Release Date


  • US 22nd Feb 2010, 200 points
  • EU 9th Apr 2010, 200 points


  • Review Faceez (DSiWare)

    Fun with friends

    The DSi has been getting some love lately in terms of games that take advantage of its onboard cameras, but applications geared toward straight-up photo manipulation are still somewhat sparse. Neko Entertainment has come forward to help fill the gap with Faceez, a quirky little application promising plenty of ways for you to...

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Faceez Screenshot
Faceez Screenshot
Faceez Screenshot
Faceez Screenshot
Faceez Screenshot
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Faceez Screenshot

Faceez News

  • Nintendo Download 9th April 2010 (Europe)

    More DSiWare madness, and a few Wii downloads too

    Nintendo really seems to love DSiWare all of a sudden, because it seems to be getting more games than both other services combined every single week now. This time there's not four or five new games available for it, but a whopping six! The Virtual Console gets a classic long overdue in Europe, while...

  • Nintendo Download 22nd February 2010 (North America)

    Ghost slaying, mouse housing, flight controlling and fish finding this week!

    North America is clearly the territory to envy thus far this year with weekly updates featuring a variety of downloads for the Wii and DSi. Whilst retro-gamers will bemoan the absence of any Virtual Console releases this time around, there's still a bevy of budget WiiWare...

  • News Get Your Game Faceez On

    DSiWare title revealed, screenshots reveal silliness

    We're all for a little visual mischief here at Nintendo Life, so when Neko Entertainment wanted to bend our ear about their upcoming download title Faceez we had a devilish little grin on our collective face. Here's what their press release has to say for itself: Neko Entertainment, a leading...

About The Game

Make your friends laugh with Faceez!

Take pictures of their faces with Nintendo DSi Camera and then animate them, dress them up with funny accessories and place them in your own favourite settings!

Give free reign to your imagination with millions of possible combinations!

Thanks to the Nintendo DSi’s connectivity with Facebook you can easily share your creations with friends to let them see themselves in a new light!