"Wanna have fun, girls?"

If you live in North America and have been to the Wii Shop channel over the past couple of days, you may have noticed a couple of arrows pointing to the left and right on the opening page before you "start shopping". Whatever could they mean?

A simple press of Left and Right buttons on your Wii Remote's D-Pad will slide the screen across, showing some more recommended titles, over four other categories.

First up is "Girls Have Fun!", with Super Mario Bros. for the NES as one of the recommended titles, showing it's not just games made specifically for females but games that reach both genders. Currently we've seen Bonsai Barber, Frogger Returns and The Amazing Brain Train!, games which all garnered a score of 7 or more from our team, so they come recommended.

Next up is"Family Party Games", with a focus for multiplayer mayhem. Titles recommended in this category are Tetris Party, TV Show King 2, Bomberman Blast, and Fun! Fun! Minigolf, which are four very fun multiplayer games indeed.

We've also got "Sports Fever!", for games. Like, you know, sporting ones. Another four nice titles have been recommended here, with Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream, Excitebike: World Rally, Baseball Stars 2, and Reel Fishing Challenge.

Lastly, come the "Critically Acclaimed" titles, and unsurprisingly feature a who's who of the WiiWare world, with World of Goo, Cave Story, Max and the Magic Marker, and Rage of the Gladiator, definitely four games that don't need any introduction!

It seems Nintendo have found a need to advertise some great WiiWare and Virtual Console titles that may not be getting as much attention as they deserve, which can only come as great news for the independent community, with some of the recommended titles being ones that came out over a year ago.