Computer? Yeah, I got one here somewhere...

The sound design can ofter get overlooked in video games, whether it be in development or the appreciation from the gamer. Ubisoft is careful not to let the audio side of things disappoint when Red Steel 2 attacks our senses next week.

The highly-anticipated Wii MotionPlus title will contain several original scores by renowned composer, Tom Salta, whose past compositions have included award-winning singer/songwriters, multiplatform video games, and numerous TV shows, adverts and official film trailers, not forgetting that he was also involved with the soundtrack of the original Red Steel.

Guitar performances by veteran studio musician Steve Ouimette have been skilfully blended with Eastern instruments such as Chinese percussion, the shakuhachi, fue and pipa, as well as the harmonica and violin. For an idea of what you can expect from the Red Steel 2 soundtrack, head over to Salta's website where you can listen to three compositions, entitled "Red Steel 2 theme clip", "Vultures Prayer", and "Back to the Old Temple".