Probably not the Ultra Hand's original intention

The US branch of Club Nintendo, home of posters, cards and, uh, bookmarks, is set to broaden its range a little more with a quirky, bite-sized nugget of a WiiWare game.

There's no set release date for it, although we can reasonably expect it to be "soon," and the game will go for 80 coins. Previously released in Japan through the Club, Grill-Off with Ultra Hand digs up the old Nintendo toy for some backyard grilling action where you need to remove food from the flame before it gets burned. It sounds very similar to Chef, actually, and includes a two-player timed Vs. mode.

This isn't the first time Club Nintendo US has been home to exclusive games. The Game & Watch Collection for DS has been available for 800 coins from the beginning, and last year Elite members were given the option to do battle with Little Mac's chocolate-chomping coach in Doc Louis' Punch-Out!!.

Check out the trailer below and see if it's worth your time to fill out those 10-coin surveys that have been kicking around for a year.

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