A good ol' fashioned cook off

Club Nintendo Japan yesterday reminded the other Club Nintendos around the world just how much better it was by adding the first all-member game download to its service. Take that, Mario Party playing cards!

Ultrahand is a bit of an oddity and centers around using the titular object to grab meat off a grill; at 50 Club Nintendo points it's one of the cheapest rewards on the service, so you get what you pay for. There's a multiplayer mode where players compete over yanking the most grill meat in a 90-second span.

Based on an old toy originally released by Nintendo in 1966, the Ultrahand is one of those toys you use for a few minutes as a kid to grab things that are slightly out of reach until you realize that you have limbs and can get things much easier without it.

This is the first time any Club Nintendo has offered an exclusive downloadable title for purchase. The North American Club Nintendo offered year-end Platinum-level members the chance to download Doc Louis' Punch Out!! on WiiWare, but that didn't cost anything (apart from amassing all those coins in the first place) and was exclusive to Platinum members. Exclusive DS carts have been made available, but nothing downloadable.

Andriasang has snapped some footage of the game in all it's meat-cooking glory, which you can check out below. Who knows if this'll ever make it out of Japan, but at least Nintendo seems more willing to experiment with its downloadable games.

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