The kind folks over at Nintendo are trying to do a little extra to promote the upcoming release of Cave Story from Nicalis - so much so that they sent out a promotional kit today to various media sites.

We were lucky enough to be one of the sites to receive this kit and inside we found an absolutely beautiful canvas painting featuring some very cool Cave Story artwork. The piece was painted by Rey Ortega and is even painted on an actual canvas complete with wooden backing.

We thought we'd display this extremely nice piece of artwork for all to see, at least until it goes on the wall here at Nintendo Life towers for some lucky staffer to steal for themselves. (I'm not naming any names)

You can check out the scan of the painting below for a more detailed look at it and we'll have a review of Cave Story shortly after its release next week. The wait is almost over!


UPDATE: As it turns out, quite a few recognized artists are responsible for the various Cave Story paintings that have been making the rounds at various media outlets. Click Here to see some of them.