Stacks cash?

While some studios are struggling to reach Nintendo’s download sales targets and actually make some kind of profit from DSiWare development, Gamelion Studios are having no such trouble with the platform.

Extreme Hangman, the developer’s first DSiWare production, has shot to the top of the sales charts since its North American release, and more than that, the game has been downloaded more times than any other piece of DSiWare software on sale in the States, beating heavyweights such as Bomberman and Dr. Mario.

The news has come to Nintendo Life directly from the developer, with a press release proudly exclaiming the achievement.

Extreme Hangman has sold more units, in just a matter of weeks, than any other game on the same storefront... the success is attributable to having the right title targeted at the proper demographic group of casual gamers.

Gamelion Studios are forbidden from revealing actual numbers, making it impossible to tell if sales records have been completely smashed or just pipped, but the developer is more than pleased with the results and have of course pledged to make further investment into DSiWare development.

Extreme Hangman will be released in Europe and Australia during Q2 of this year.