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  • 9th Nov 2009, 500 points
  • 6th Nov 2009, 500 points
  • 7th Oct 2009

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Bomberman Blitz Screenshot
Bomberman Blitz Screenshot
Bomberman Blitz Screenshot
Bomberman Blitz Screenshot
Bomberman Blitz Screenshot


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    A cut down, portable Bomberman Blast.

    Pretty much every platform in this gaming generation has had a downloadable Bomberman title. The DSi hadn't yet, so Hudson must've figured "Why the heck not?" and made yet another one. As with all other downloadable (non-Virtual Console) Bomberman titles, this is strictly a multiplayer affair — there...

About The Game

Bomberman Blitz will allow on-the-go gamers the opportunity to showcase their bombing skills locally or across the world with the ability to play up to 8 players at home or online through the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Bomberman Blitz will feature the ability to do battle in 10 unique locations, all making good use of the DSi’s capabilities with dual screen spanning arenas.

The power-ups that Bomberman fans have come to love are also all there, including the chance to increase the number of bombs, strengthen blast range, boost running speed and much more. For those who have always wanted to get in on the Bomberman action but didn’t know how, a training mode has been included that allows newcomers to learn the easy-to-play Bomberman gameplay and get in on the fun.