We hope to one day be swinging one of these for a Joe & Mac remake

With Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 due out in June, EA have announced that they are releasing a line of sports accessories for the Nintendo Wii, including realistic golf clubs for its Tiger Woods PGA Tour series.

These golf clubs will stretch out to 36 inches, so if you're playing the Wii in your bedroom this may not be such a fantastic idea. There will also be tennis rackets for Grand Slam Tennis, and baseball bats for.. well, we guess you can pretend to hit tennis balls with it for now. All of these peripherals will attach directly to the Remote, and some will even include Wii MotionPlus support, which is definitely a bonus.

We have no real announcement as of yet when they'll be released, though you can expect them around June, when the new PGA title will be released.

[source electricpig.co.uk]