Today's lesson is... Street Fighter. Take out your books.

We're sure many of you can remember where you played your first game of Street Fighter. For me, it was the house of a distant relative that shared a similar enthusiasm for gaming as myself in my childhood. It's a series that stretches back to the mid '80s and continues to produce games even 'til this day.

Chris Carle has been doing more than reminiscing; the IGN editor has been busy authoring a book that charts the history of Street Fighter. The 176-paged beauty will even contain "original text and interviews" with the animators and developers at Capcom to give us what should hopefully be an insightful piece of literature. That's the mind candy — the eye candy will comprise of over 200 full-colour photographs to finish off the package.

The book launches in the US on March 17 and can be easily ordered via the Chronicle Books Web site. Those in the UK will have to wait a bit longer as it won't get its retail release until May 1.

Now Nintendo just needs to license a History of Zelda. That would be on our "to buy" list most definitely.

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