Quantim Leap fun for Americans at last!

Our European readers may remember a little DS game called Chronos Twins. It never made it outside of the Old World borders, but back in June developers EnjoyUp announced their intentions to give the series a new lease of life on WiiWare. Now we have a much more solid time frame: January 11. Also known as next Monday.

The game is a split-screen platformer set on the planet of Skylar. It was a planet of peace-loving people until a strange creature appeared and attacked the planet. After his brothers death, hero Nec attains the power of "split", allowing him to be in the present and past simultaneously in a quest to deal with the threat that has invaded the home planet, using puzzle elements between the two timelines and platforms.

With 18 stages, enhanced music and graphics it looks like this title could be one to watch out for! Watch the fancy new trailer below.