Can you feel it?

From the makers of Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ, comes a brand new WiiWare title called Chronos Twins DX. You might remember a European release of Chronos Twins on the Nintendo DS back in 2007. How exactly this game ties in, we're not quite sure of yet.

While we have very little information on this title currently, we are in the process of getting more information from the developers. Just looking at the screenshots, the game looks to be a pretty interesting addition to the service and is definitely a game to keep an eye on. You can check out the official game description we were given below.

Chronos Twins DX offers an amazing space-time travel on which our tireless character Nec will find adventure, action, platforms and ingenious time puzzles.

As usual, we'll post more information on this title as soon as we get it, but until then you can at least check out the cool screens of the game in action below.