In space... nobody bought this game.

Sega has been one of the forerunners when it comes to pushing mature games on the Wii. Unfortunately, it appears that poor sales of EA’s Dead Space Extraction - coupled with disappointing commercial performance of its own titles, such as MadWorld and House of the Dead: Overkill - has given Sega second thoughts on attempting to capture the mature market.

Constantine Hantzopulos, a studio director at Sega of America revealed as much in a podcast interview with 1-UP:

Are we going to do more mature titles for the Wii? Probably not. Look at Dead Space. We were stunned. That was my litmus test. Basically, it’s like, okay, you got EA, who can put all the marketing muscle behind this, an established franchise that scored quite well on 360 and PS3. They should be able to actually hit this out of the park, right? We get numbers, real numbers aside from NPD, and I’m like, ‘Woah’.

Whilst one man's words do not necessarily reflect the thoughts of the entire company (and he does only say probably) it’s hard not to be mildly irked by this quote. Sega recently stated that it was committed to the mature market, but it seems that EA's failure to turn Dead Space into a Wii smash hit has shaken the company's belief in titles aimed at adults.

Let’s hope that Sega aren’t looking to fill the shelves with My Penguin Keeper and Learn to Spell with Sonic games, because MadWorld and HotD: Overkill were pretty damned impressive.