Eat cake, shell scum!

Speaking after the news that Sega is starting to have second thoughts at attempts to target older Wii gamers, following slow sales of other publishers' software and its own mature titles, the company believes that Nintendo should be trying to widen the market with its own 18 certificate games.

James Rebours, the CEO of Sega for France and Spain, has spoken about the lack of support from Nintendo, stating that the company has left the job of catering to mature gamers with third party publishers. He goes on to say that despite the potential to make good sales in this area, not everyone is keen on taking a risk with investment in such titles.

Rebours believes that if Nintendo were to publish a mature game and back it up with a sustained television advertisement campaign, they would be able to increase the size of the market and probably make large sales. However, he thinks that Nintendo is a publisher who has mostly ignored this area, with games consistently aimed at the 3+ to 7+ age bracket.