Coming this summer to Japan

At an investors meeting in Tokyo today, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata was nice enough to outline what the company intended to do with all those funds this year.

Included in the outline were Wii RPGs The Last Story from Mistwalker and Nintendo as well as Xenoblade, formerly known as Monado, from Monolith Soft (behind Disaster: Day of Crisis and Baten Kaitos). The latter is set for sometime this spring.

The Nintendo/Team Ninja (of Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden fame) mash-up Metroid: Other M has been listed for "summer 2010" in Japan, and the game's official Web site has now gone live. Not much to see at the moment apart from an image that looks pulled from the E3 reveal trailer, but it might be worth keeping your eyes on down the line.

Gamefreak was mentioned to be working on the next new mainline Pokemon game, said to feature a new land, new mechanics and, of course, new critters to trap and cage fight. Golden Sun DS will be launching this year as well.

Iwata also mentioned that the company plans to show off Super Mario Galaxy 2, Zelda Wii and the curious Vitality Sensor at E3. Unsurprising but still nice to hear as we'd probably be more concerned if they didn't plan on bringing this stuff to the show.

Let's hope Nintendo of Wherever You Are unveils their plans for all this goodness sooner rather than later.