Don't they look lovely?

Nintendo has revealed new kiosks for display in major retail outlets in Japan. They come in two flavours: flat screen devices for counters and retail kiosks for floor display. Both come with wonderfully hi-tech touch screens and cameras.

Customers will be able to pick up any DS or Wii game and flash them (cheeky!) at the kiosk's camera, which will scan the cover and dig for information on the game and a trailer. In addition, it'll automatically list the upcoming two weeks of software release dates, and users can also check Nintendo Channel recommendations and Media Create sales data. So, a bit of something for everyone!

These will be highly useful to shoppers, especially those less acquainted with video games and brands and will surely help the sometimes tough process of knowing what games are big and which are clunkers. However, it remains to be seen if these kiosks will see the light of day outside of Japan just yet.