Would you pay to destroy these beasties with friends?

Capcom's unstoppable sales juggernaut that is Monster Hunter is scheduled to hit our consoles early next year, but one major concern surrounds its online mode, which in Japan requires a monthly subscription charge from anyone wanting to party with friends.

With the Western release looming the subject has come up again, and at Tokyo Games Show Capcom USA's Senior Director of Communications and Community Chris Kramer spoke about the possibility of Monster Hunter finding its freedom from fees:

It's something that we're looking into at the moment and there are a few factors to consider. Firstly, Monster Hunter isn't as popular in the West, so it might put people off. Secondly, Japan doesn't have Friend Codes, so Capcom run all the servers and the monthly fee is essentially to pay for those costs.

Although it's clear that Capcom have by no means slaughtered and carved up the terrible beast of recurring monthly payments, it does seem as though they are at least studying its weaknesses and how best to approach it. Whether or not they go with full, reduced or no subscription costs we will find out in the fullness of time, but it's nice to know that our needs are being so carefully considered.

[source gamingunion.net]