Want to know how Wii handles games this lovely? Ask away!

You gamers lucky enough to reside in North America already know how beautiful and generally awesome Muramasa: The Demon Blade is, but over on the other side of the Atlantic gamers have still to discover its wonders, with the game not set for release until November 13th.

Don't despair though - we've hooked up with Rising Star Games to secure an exclusive interview and we wanted to give you the chance to get your questions answered! Our coverage so far has been pretty in-depth, but we know you're all hungry for more knowledge, so with that we're inviting you to submit your questions to Rising Star Games so we can grill them later this month.

You can send in your questions in any number of ways - use our dedicated Contact Us form, leave them in a comment here or, if you're really brave, send us a voicemail on our Skype account - NintendoLife, or 02081448216 from the UK.

We'll put your questions to Rising Star Games and get their answers in the next episode of the Nintendo Life podcast, due for release on November 2nd. What are you waiting for? Get those questions in!