Players of High Voltage Software's online FPS The Conduit are familiar with this scenario: after waiting up to five minutes to connect to a new multiplayer game, you'd spawn seemingly into a wall and not be able to do anything, not even leave the game without shutting down the console. It was one of those bugs that was as endlessly frustrating as it was common.

Game Almighty (via GoNintendo) claims that Conduit players are reporting that the infamous (and highly bothersome) multiplayer spawning glitch has been fixed after the new 4.2 System Menu update was applied.

High Voltage and Nintendo were reportedly working on a patch for this issue a while back, but until now nothing seemed to have come of it. The move certainly wouldn't be unprecedented, as the System Menu 4.1 update is widely believed to have addressed a rogue video glitch in Nintendo's own Wii Sports: Resort.

The bug would occur randomly upon entering a multiplayer game, causing the unlucky player to spawn and not be able to see or move, forcing them to restart their Wii.

We've contacted High Voltage for comment and we'll keep you posted on their response.

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