When will the madness end?!

You may recall a few short weeks ago we reported that one UK games retailer had decided to increase the price of Wii consoles, as a result of the increased costs of buying the consoles from Nintendo (something else we covered!).

However, we've just learnt that Nintendo are now set to decrease the unit cost of Wii consoles to all retailers, and although we have no exact figure it's thought that they'll cost as much as they did before the original increase back in March.

Confused yet? Essentially, today's news means that it's unlikely the UK will see an announced price drop of the same scale as the recently-announced US decrease, if at all. Still, if it means that retailers can once again drop their prices of Wii consoles to less than an Xbox 360 Elite... well, then that's good news all around, isn't it?

[source mcvuk.com]