Get 'em while they're cheap!

We reported a while back that UK retailers were looking into increasing the RRP of the Nintendo Wii in light of the weak value of the Pound.

Nothing seemed to happen for a while and it looked as if the situation had changed, but we've just been tipped off that the price increase IS coming, and that a standard Wii console will soon set you back £200 if you're living in the UK. In fact, we've heard rumblings that the increase is due to hit a certain specialist UK video game retailer as soon as tomorrow. Crumbs!

The Nintendo Wii isn't the only console that has fallen foul of such price hikes, however - the RRP of Microsoft's Xbox 360 has recently gone up, too.

I blame the credit crunch!

UPDATE: Although it's tempting to point the finger of blame at Nintendo, it's worth noting that this action is being taken by retailers and NOT Nintendo itself. Hardware manufactures are prohibited from fixing the RRP of their own products; they can only adjust the trade price - which is the value at which they sell their goods to retailers.

Nintendo increased the trade price of the Wii several months ago (hence the earlier news story) but it's only now that retailers are reacting and pushing up their prices.