One of the true console greats!

You might remember that we recently gave some love to Nintendo's Game Boy system in our Game Boy 20th Anniversary Special. Well the feature went over so well that we've decided to do another one and this time we're going to be showering some attention on another legendary Nintendo console you might have heard of.

After the mammoth success of the Nintendo Entertainment System, gamers were anxiously awaiting the release of its successor and Nintendo certainly didn't disappoint. Although the Super Nintendo console was widely criticized for its slow processor, it's unique Mode 7 scaling and rotation effects and amazing library of games made it a huge hit with gamers and set its place in stone as one of the all-time great video game consoles.

While the console features a wide variety of game genres, it was the console's fantastic platformers and RPGs that's made it such a popular console among retro gamers, who still clamor for the console on online auction sites.

Soul Blazer

Some offices have casual Friday, but we here at Nintendo Life decided to have a Super Nintendo Review Friday instead. So starting this Friday, we'll be featuring a Super Nintendo game review each Friday from now until December 25th. That's 15 Super Nintendo reviews for you to enjoy. Many of the best games have already seen a release on the Virtual Console service, but we've put together an interesting and varied list of a few games that are still awaiting a release on the service and should make perfect candidates for retro reviews.

This Friday we'll kick things off with a review of an outstanding, albeit somewhat overlooked, action-RPG called Soul Blazer. As for the other games on the list, you'll just have to wait in suspense and find out on Thursday when we'll be posting a hint topic in the forums where you can make your guesses as to what the game that will be reviewed the following day will be.

We'd also like to hear about games you guys would like to see reviewed. Who knows, we might even choose a few of them.