Good luck fitting that in the Wii's tiny box, Nintendo!

Yes, we've just reported that the Wii's trade price has dropped, but that's not all the good news we have for those Brits yet to take the plunge and buy one of those Wii machines. That's right - biding your time and sitting on the fence may just have got you a good deal, as Nintendo has let slip that the new standard UK Wii hardware bundle is about to get a lot juicier.

Soon upon opening a Wii console box you'll find a shiny new MotionPlus and copy of Wii Sports Resort alongside the standard Wii Sports and all the usual Wii paraphernalia one could dream of. Coming at the same time as the earlier trade price, this means you could grab both Wii Sports games and a MotionPlus for just a sliver under £180, a good deal if ever there was one.

As you'd expect, this new Wii Sports hardware mega-pack will replace the current one-game offering out there at the moment, but there's no word on if or when it will be made available in other territories. Still, it's a good day to be a UK Nintendo fan without a Wii!