No Wild West meets feudal Japan first-person shooting game would be complete without some deadly ninjas appearing, would it? That's obviously the thinking of those clever guys at Ubisoft, who recently revealed some brand new screenshots of their upcoming MotionPlus-demanding title Red Steel 2 showing off the devious little chaps in action.

The screenshots also show off a new shotgun weapon and a huge steam train exploding, as well as areas that have never been seen before. Quite what the hero is doing lying down on a truck in one screenshot is quite beyond us, but damn if he doesn't look even cooler than a Wild West ninja swordfight.

There's also a brand new gameplay video with a walkthrough from one of our favourite eccentric industry figures, Jason VandenBerghe. You can check that out underneath, and you'll find the new screenshots in the gallery right now, hiding away like ninjas should.