Monster Hunter 3 spotted in a Japanese bargain bin - say it ain't so!

The Monster Hunter series is massive in Japan. Stupidly massive. The Japanese simply cannot seem to get enough of it...or so we thought.

Latest reports from the Land of the Rising Sun appear to indicate that Monster Hunter 3 - which saw release earlier this month - has stalled at retail.

The game sold a staggering one million copies in its first week and 130,000 in the second, but apparently it's already being discounted by some Japanese stores.

For example, Japanese chain Bic Camera has slashed the price from ¥6,600 ($69) to ¥2,980 ($31) as part of a special promotion.

Now selling 130,000 units in a week is not to be sniffed at, but that's a huge drop from a million. Is Japan finally losing interest in hunting monsters?